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Real Estate Listing Agent of Southern, MD

We want to make selling your home easy for you by providing professional, friendly, and responsive services. As your listing agent will sell your home as if it is our own, but respect that it is yours.

Looking for a Listing Agent in Southern Maryland?

Connecting with the right Listing Agent is important. Here’s a few reasons why you should let JG Real Estate help you sell your home:


Listing Agent Southern Maryland


  1. Our reputation opens doors to other agents and buyers. JG Real Estate Listing Agents have an extensive network with agents in the area. Word of mouth and networking has helped sell homes way before the internet was around.
  2. We don’t mind showing your our past sales for your neighborhood or area upon request.
  3. A copy of your listing will be sent to you for your final approval before it is published on other sites or marketed elsewhere.
  4. Honest communication is key. By honestly communicating with you, we can help you list your home at the highest price you can reasonably expect. We may suggest what can help you to improve your property value before listing. I.e. suggesting specific repairs or room staging.
  5. We will be transparent in the research we do in finding the suggested list price. This would include comparable home sales, pending sales, and active sales for your area. No one can tell you the exact amount of money you will get for your home, but we can help you understand why we are suggesting a certain price range.
  6. We will be honest about the feedback we are receiving about your home from potential buyers and other agents. We won’t hide anything from you.
  7. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions about listing a home. If you are listing a home for the first time, we know you are feeling unsure and overwhelmed. We promise to answer all the questions you have while endeavoring to make this process as smooth for you as possible.

Our wide-range of marketing plans Real Estate Listing Agent Southern Maryland Soldare fully-customizable for you and your area. From the necessary Internet listings, to web based marketing sites, to a virtual tour of your home, we’ve got you covered! Contact us to find out all the marketing plans we have to offer.